Arlington Group Insurance For Small Business

Shopping around for Arlington group insurance for small business? Health Insurance with Andrew will open up more possibilities than you could imagine! We won’t just find a plan that works for you – we’ll build a custom package that meets your exact needs and budget. 

For a free, no obligation quote, contact Andrew Shaw today. We can help you find the best coverage for your employees while also making sure that you’re using your health insurance to your advantage. Group insurance for small business in Arlington TX can help your company operate more strategically, efficiently and effectively. 

Should I Be Offering Health Insurance to My Employees? 

While small businesses (less than 50 employees) are not required by law to offer health insurance, more than half of them do. Health coverage is important for employees, and it’s a major deciding factor when accepting a job. If you don’t provide this benefit to your employees, you’ll have a harder time attracting and keeping top talent. 

Here are some of the key reasons why you should offer Arlington group insurance for small buisness to your employees:

  • Lower premiums. Group plans tend to be cheaper than individual plans.
  • Tax incentives. As a business, you can deduct the cost of premiums from your federal business taxes. You may also qualify for a tax credit.
  • Improve hiring and recruiting. When you have a competitive benefits package, you’re more likely to attract new hires and keep current employees.
  • Improve job satisfaction. It’s important for employees to feel valued. Offering a competitive salary with a strong benefits package is one of the best ways to accomplish this.
  • Healthier workforce. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. When your employees have access to healthcare they’re more likely to take care of themselves when sick. 

Get Your Free Quote for Group Insurance for Small Business in Arlington TX 

Health Insurance with Andrew offers high quality insurance plans and affordable rates. We’re banked and backed by UnitedHealthcare, and our insurance is underwritten by three different companies. Claims are paid out quickly, usually within five days, which is far less than the 32-day industry average. 

Get in touch with us today for a free quote for Arlington group insurance for small business owners. Your employees are the backbone of your business so give them the best coverage possible!