Dallas Vehicle Wraps

You have a multitude of choices when it comes to marketing your business. While a well-designed sign on the exterior of your building can definitely generate some attention, it only catches the eye of passersby. What if you want to appeal to others outside of the community where you have a physical location? What’s the best way to do that? Dallas vehicle wraps may be the ideal solution for expanding your reach.

If the thought of a vehicle riding around with your company’s logo on a magnet seems underwhelming, you’re not alone. We’d agree. It can easily fall off, move and deteriorate in the elements, thus causing you to put forward an unprofessional appearance. You may want to have us apply vehicle graphics, such as vinyl window lettering, instead, if you’re not looking for full-fledged vehicle wraps in Dallas TX like we also offer here at More Than Words Sign Solutions.


What Is a Car Wrap?

Dallas vehicle wraps generally cover an entire vehicle but can also just cover a portion of it. They’re custom-made to your car’s specifications from a premium quality, durable vinyl film that can ultimately be removed at a later point without damaging the underlying paint job. Vehicle wraps in Dallas TX cost a fraction of the price that a factory-style paint job might cost you.


What Are the Uses of Dallas Vehicle Wraps?

If you’re skeptical about whether vehicle wraps in Dallas TX are what you need, you may want to envision looking out on your fleet or service vehicles at either the start or end of the day. Imagine the show of force that comes with walking prospective vendors, investors or business partners through your parking lot with all your similarly branded vehicles. It may send a message that you mean business and lead them to align with you.


Scheduling a Consultation

We’d be delighted if you’d call us at (817) 769-8453 or email us at email@fortworthsignsolutions.com to tell us more about what you’re looking to achieve with your Dallas vehicle wraps project! We can go over some aspects of the design process, pricing and completion timelines during our initial consultation.